Lake Erie

Lake Erie, southernmost and fourth largest of the Great Lakes of North America, is bordered on the north by Ontario, Canada, on the east by New York, on the south by Pennsylvania and Ohio, and on the west by Michigan.

The boundary between the United States and Canada generally follows the long axis of the lake, which extends in a northeastern and southwestern direction for 388 km (241 mi). Lake Erie covers 25,667 sq km (9910 sq mi), almost evenly divided between the U.S. and Canada; its drainage basin includes about 58,790 sq km (about 22,700 sq mi). The mean elevation of the lake is 174 m (570 ft), and its maximum breadth is 92 km (57 mi). The lake's greatest depth is 64 m (210 ft), but its average depth is only 19 m (62 ft), making it the shallowest of the five Great Lakes.